So as many of you know, my EP is finished and almost ready to be released! I am equally excited to see if any of you lovely people who live either on The Sunshine Coast, Gold Coast or Brisbane or Melbourne and the Mornington Peninsula would like to have me come play live in your lounge room? I’d love to be able to deliver my originals to you as personally as possible.

I have July available for Queensland and August available for Victoria before I have an overseas adventure in

September and beyond…..but I will be back 😉

If you have no idea what I’m talking about – House Concerts work like this…… I can come and play in your house for you and your family and/or friends and if you could ask everyone to contribute $10 to cover my travel expenses and if some people would like to bring a plate of food each, then we’ll all be happy 🙂

Just invite the people you’d like to share this special intimate one off gig, unplugged and acoustic and I’ll play all the songs off my E.P. and all up about an hour long set of original music with a couple of my YouTube covers thrown in……you guys can choose.

Ideally we would have a minimum of 15 people to how ever many people you’re comfortable with accommodating. This won’t cost you (the host) anything but if you can supply cushions, bean bags, candles etc for the comfort of your friends, that’d be awesome!

I will not be publicising this outside my own social media or giving out details about your House Concert that will be just between you and your friends and neighbours [and me] so as not to have uninvited guests along.

Sounds like a plan, yeah?

Email me on or PM me on Facebook and we’ll work out dates and the finer details and answer any other questions you might have. I’ll also have my brand new E.P. for sale for a ‘special’ price for House Concert participants 🙂

Mia x